Parliament Square

Directed by Jane Page 

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Parliament Square by James Fritz was my first Main-stage show in grad school as well as my first co-design. I worked with my cohort Garrett Gagnon on the design. I was incredibly helpful to use each other as sounding boards. Many elements of the design went though different iterations as we passed them back and forth.

One element of the show that I took the lead on was a sequence we called the Tank Room. In Parliament Square, Kat sets herself on fire as an act of protest. After that she is hospitalized. As part of the research for the show the design team talked to people who worked with burn victims to learn about the gruesome reality of how fire affects the body. The Tank Room sequence represents the painful process of being treated for intensive burns. 

Another fascinating element of the show is that the third act consists of about seventy scenes. Between each scene is a stage direction that says "the world gets worse." For this direction we created a sound with randomized components in order to get different variations of the same effect each time it was played. 

Paul Kennedy

The Tank Room
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The World Gets Worse
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Paul Kennedy

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