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Directed by Rich Brown

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Justina Machado

In 2015 I was both a devisor and the sound designer for /faust, which was a devised piece inspired by the works of Christopher Marlowe and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Working on this show was an amazing challenge for me as a sound designer. Since it was a devised piece rather than a more traditional text based play my design shifted constantly as the company found its voice. I had never had to create content so quickly before. This experience helped me get in touch with my instincts as a designer and gave me a a greater sense of confidence in my work. 

One aspect of /faust that I'm especially glad to have been a part of was a scene we called Mara's Lament. In this moment Mara, the partner of Felix (our Faust character) has been utterly destroyed and betrayed. She walks slowly across the stage wearing a wedding dress with an impossibly long train as she is pulled into hell. This scene went through so many iterations throughout the devising process and it was a joy to shape and reshape the music to fit it. 

Mara's Lament began when Anna, one of the actors in the devising ensemble, approached me and asked if I could record her singing Ave Maria for a moment she was working on. She had sung that song for her audition and given its religious context, we had been interested in incorporating it into our story. As this point in the devising process we already knew that the wedding dress with the long train was a part of it, but we hadn't quite figured out the character or her destination yet.

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Anna raw vocals
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Anna Vocals Edit
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Faust Tune Idea
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Mara Lament into Hell
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Justina Machado

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